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Writing a Letter to the Editor

How to Publish Your Thoughts

This PowerPoint presentation, which includes audible narration by Freedom2Care Director and veteran writer Jonathan Imbody, guides you through a simple five-step outline that will make your writing a letter to the editor fast and effective.

While designed for health professionals, this presentation will help anyone learn a quick and easy formula to getting your opinions published.

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Tips from Editors

This PowerPoint presentation features tips from newspaper editorial page editors on how to make sure your letter fits their requirements for length, style and content.

Persuasive Writing PowerPoint - Tips fro

More Writing Resources

Writing Tips

This PowerPoint presentation covers five key techniques for strengthening your writing:

1. Trim unneeded words

2. Use active voice

3. Use interesting words

4. Make music

5. Balance head and heart

Persuasive Writing PowerPoint - Writing

Social Media

This PowerPoint presentation reviews how news media uses social media and how to efficiently use some main outlets--

1. Facebook

2. Twitter

3. Blogs

4. LinkedIn

Persuasive Writing PowerPoint - Social M